barrel-y made it

The Football Helmet Ice Barrel resulted from a challenging client request to design something striking for football season using only a standard ice barrel.  Originally, the design included a vacuum-formed helmet that rested on top of the ice barrel.  After this proved to be outside the client's budget, I graphically incorporated the helmet onto the barrel and attached a dimensional face mask to the front.  This provided the client with a cost efficient solution, even with the shape limitations of the ice barrel.

The graphic wrap was designed in Illustrator along with the die-guide for the face mask.  Textured and rendered in XSI, and finished in Photoshop.  Assembly Instructions created using XSI, Photoshop, and Indesign.


Photo of production unit with some minor graphic changes.

Clemson Wrap 2019
Facemask Die Line
Football Helmet Instructions

friendly neighborhood merchandising

The "Counter Crawler" Display presented a challenge of incorporating movement and dynamism to an otherwise basic display.  The client request included dressing up a small counter-top unit that would not hold much product and would have strict size limitations, particularly in height.  I knew early on that I wanted Spider-Man to "jump out" from the display.  Through the use of three corrugated pieces, I achieved a 3D effect, and transformed a boring, boxy wire display into something unique and exciting.

After initial sketches, I designed the concept in XSI and Photoshop.  From there, I created a Solidworks model and engineering drawings.  Die-guides and graphics were created in Illustrator.  Textured and rendered in XSI, and finished in Photoshop.

Spiderman ENV
Spiderman Die Guides-2
Dr Pepper Spiderman Counter Kicker 2019 Drawings-12172018